It can be overwhelming if you’re deciding to sell your home, but you know your house may not be in top shape. Peggy Hill, Broker at The Peggy Hill Team tells us the things you need to focus on the things you shouldn’t.

The most important thing is to make your home clean. Declutter, clean up the yard and make sure the grass is trimmed.  Peggy says buyers will already make a decision on your home based on how it looks on the outside, so make sure the gardens are neat and tidy and fix anything that is broken like doorbells.

Spend your money where the buyers can see it. If you’re going to lay new flooring, don’t bother with the high end underlay. Peggy says if the buyers can’t see it you won’t get your money back.

This doesn’t translate to the basement though. Peggy says don’t finish the basement just to sell. You’ll only get dollar for dollar back. Do it if you want to enjoy it. However, small changes like replacing light fixtures and switches and even the door handles from the aged brass will go a long way.

There is one area that may need some attention. If you have an older home, Peggy says do a bit of updating in the kitchen. Buyers are picky and are seeing a lot of new builds with modern kitchens, so it would be ok to spend a bit of money making your kitchen more appealing. She cautions, don’t spend a lot of money. She’s seen people do a kitchen reno and then months later see the new owners did their own kitchen reno.

Small changes will go a long way to make your home appealing to potential buyers, and hopefully get you top dollar in the offers.

For more tips on preparing your home to sell, visit The Peggy Hill Team’s Home Sellers Guide

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