Earlier this year Ali Stevens, an accredited Stand Up Paddleboard Instructor caught the eye of many on social media after she posted a video of her doing some crazy indoor surfing moves with a glass of wine….and she didn’t spill a drop!

The video got thousands of views in a couple of days! The comment section section blew up, asking her all about the board and her amazing balance skills. So, we had to ask too!

Ali brought the Indo Board to Sarah’s home to show us the basics. The kit comes with a board, a roller and also an inflatable cushion, which Ali says is great to learn how to balance on first.

The Indo Board took Ali, an experienced SUP instructor, a couple days of solid practice to get to the point where she could balance on her own without the use of counters or chairs. She cautions people to be careful when first using it. But once it’s mastered, have fun!

It simulates the feeling of surfing as the board moves back and forth on the roller. It’s great for your core and your lower body. What a workout.

The Indo Board retails for about $200.

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