Dr. Anna Falkowski of Vitality for Life is an expert in Intermittent Fasting. Seriously, she wrote a book on it! As any naturopathic doctor would, she tested the method first to see if it was safe and if it had the kind of benefits so many other people claim it did.

For about a year Dr. Falkowski tried the 16:8 method, which means you fast for 16 hours and eat for 8. For Dr. Falkowski this means she eats regular, healthy meals between 12pm and 8pm and then fasts for the rest of the hours. Essentially it’s skipping breakfast, which Dr. Falkowski says there is no evidence to support that it is the most important meal of the day. Our minds were blown!

After a year, Dr. Anna was a convert! She 100% stands behind the method. She still uses it today and even trained for a triathlon while doing the method. Here’s some of her advice:

  1. Have a good dietary foundation. If you’re craving sweets, don’t jump into this right away.
  2. Start off slowly. Push your first meal back an hour every day or so until you’ve hit the 12pm start.
  3. Dr. Anna recommends having one or two days of “off days” like on the weekends with your kids.

For more information on Intermittent Fasting and Dr. Anna’s book, click here.

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