Getting the right colour is a priority for everyone, but sometimes we worry that we don’t have time and sometimes can’t afford to go to the salon every month for a touch up.

John Linkert of John Linkert Salon and Spa says there are always options.

“When you see your hairstylist, talk to them about low maintenance vs. high maintenance. They’ll be honest with you and tell you what’s your best move to transition to proper colour.”

What’s really bad about? Here are a few things according John:

  1. Harsh Chemicals  – Linkert says there are so many ingredients in the store brand that it’s hard to understand what’s really in it. Plus, there are some metallic compounds in those tubes that are quite damaging and could have a negative reaction to other chemicals you put in your hair.
  2. One Colour Fits All – Unlike in the salon where the stylist creates the right colour combination for you, the store brand is a one colour fits all approach, and we all know people are different. The pictures on the back area  vague idea of what the colour will look like on you. Linkert says he rarely sees it come out exactly like the box leads you to believe, especially when it comes to blondes.
  3. Price – Linkert says most people will either choose the less expensive brand, or the brand they most recognize from TV commercials and magazine ads. This doesn’t mean the colour will be right for you. If price is a concern, talk to your stylist.

Linkert also advises people to consult an expert when it comes to the colour. Going for bold colours, or just blonde highlights? Stylists will help and will be advise you on how to look amazing while still keeping it in your budget.

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