In this week’s Keys to the City of Barrie, brought to you by Pratt Homes, we check out Barrie Minor Lacrosse.

We were invited to the Barrie Sports Dome to join the kids in a clinic. The kids are all around six to years old, and many have already been playing for three years. After talking to the players we realized the main skill required for this game is running. Lots and lots of running!

Lacrosse is a tough sport. It requires hand and eye coordination, running fast, pushing and hitting and that’s just the beginning. But the game offers so many rewards as well. Chad Culp, a former National Lacrosse League player, now coaches his son Logan in Barrie.

“Lacrosse offered me so many opportunities I wouldn’t have been able to experience otherwise,” Chad says.

Kids can start playing at three and there are so many scholarships being offered for schools in the United States, due to the increase in popularity of the sport. More and more people are catching on to the thrill of Lacrosse.

Barrie Minor Lacrosse has something for everyone including girls and women! If you’re interested in signing your kids up, check them out on their website. 

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