Every year, since 1973, families have flocked to Drysdale’s Tree Farm for festive fun. From cutting down your own Christmas Tree, to visiting with Santa, this is the place where the Holidays are alive.

With more than 400 acres of trees, located just outside of Barrie, the Drysdale family has been growing and caring for these evergreens for three generations. When it comes to the perfect tree for your home, Doug Drysdale believes Fraser Fir is your best bet.

It’s the perfect place to kickstart the holiday season with the horsedrawn wagon rides, hot chocolate and so many activities for the kids. And if you don’t want to cut down your own, they have lots of freshly cut trees for you to grab on your way out.

Here are some tips for that perfect tree:

  1. Know your height! You have to save room for the angel or star.
  2. Check for fullness all around.
  3. Once the bottom is cut, don’t let the trunk touch the ground, that way the tree will suck up lots of water.
  4. Spruce, pine for fraser fir are the most popular, but Drysdale’s say Fraser is the best for decorating
  5. Ensure the tree doesn’t have any brown patches. Needles should be bright green.

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