At 38, Apryl recognized that her skin was not glowing like it used to. The sun damage from years of neglect was showing up all over her face, and some fine lines and wrinkles were starting to appear as well. She jumped in to a more rigorous skin care regime a few years back, but wasn’t doing anything to reverse the damage she did.

We went to The One Face and Body Bar where MJ introduced her to the laser. She said Apryl was the perfect candidate for the skin rejuvenation treatment that would eras

e the sun damage and plump up the areas that needed plumping. All in a couple of hours and no down time.

MJ started with microdermabrasion, then attacked the fine lines with the laser. It just felt like you were standing close to a fire, but in a good way! So warm.

Next she lasered all the sun damage all over Apryl’s face. This was the only part that had a bit of an intensity. Not completely unmanageable though. Afterward, her face looked like the freckles were more pronounced, but MJ said they would literally fall off in two weeks.

Two weeks later, Apryl’s skin looks incredible! It’s the complexion that really stands out. No brown spots and the skin looks smooth.

The One Face and Body Bar offers the skin rejuvenation package based on your needs. Packages start at $250, and MJ gives everyone a free consultation.

Apryl's before and after photos from laser at the One in Barrie

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