Sarah and Apryl are back with Jenni Lin from JL Studios! This time Sarah’s testing out the newest trend in lashes – the lash lift!

Jenni says this is perfect for women who don’t have the time to commit to eyelash extensions. And, the price is lower too. For just around $100, you get a lift and tint that lasts up to two months. No more eyelash curlers either!

Jenni trained with the best of the best in L.A. and brought this to Barrie to share with us. What she loves about it is that she often doesn’t have to wear mascara and there is less maintenance to the lash lifts. Where the lash extensions requires people to get fillers every couple of weeks.

Completely safe for any type of eye, the procedure takes just an hour. You can’t get them wet for 48 hours afterward.

The results are gorgeous!

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