We were floored when we found out that the dentists at Georgian Mall Family Dental do fillers and therapeutic botox at their office. FLOORED. We always thought you would have to go to a media spa or a plastic surgeon’s office. Then we started talking to Dr. Val and it all made sense.

Dr. Val says they know smiles and the biology of your mouth more than anyone. If they do veneers on a patient, they want that smile to look its best, so a bit filler in the lips helps to frame the teeth.

It’s not just to enhance your smile, it’s to enhance your look too. Dr. Val says our lips start looking a bit more wrinkled and lose the elasticity as we get older, so a little bit of filler plumps them up and gives your face a subtle lift.

The filler takes about an hour to put in, so when your kids are getting their cleaning, you can go and get a few enhancements done. Perfect!

Dr. Val says it will last about six months and you can get them touched up whenever you want. Just make sure you give yourself a week before a big event as you will likely bruise from the injections, but the bruising is not painful. Sarah also had to make sure she massaged her lips to help spread the filler around. A strange sensation, but so worth it. Plus, those first hours, avoid drinking from straws and kissing.

The results were outstanding and Sarah is so happy with the whole procedure and with the way her lips look today.  Watch the video to see the whole process, and check out Georgian Mall Family Dental for more information on this!

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