We got to put a cool product to the test:  LipSense. It’s a lipstick that boasts incredible staying power. When you’re working in television and on camera like we are, we thought we needed something like that in our lives.

We tried first on a girls weekend away and our friends were excited to try it as well. We all rocked the Roseberry for the entire day. We ate food, drank wine and gabbed until late at night. The stuff stayed on!

We gave it a go through an entire week of filming of our Fibe TV1 show, and it stayed on, but we noticed on some of the days it was coming off in patches, mostly where your lips come together to close. When it came off, it was noticeable!

We found the secret to the stuff staying on and looking great the whole day is to only apply the three layers (as per the instructions) thinly. We were applying it like regular lip gloss. Don’t do that!  Also, only use the LipSense gloss with it. Not sure why, but it works like magic and if you stray from that you’ll notice it doesn’t look as good, or it will come off.

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