We share with you how vastly different our morning routines are!

First thing is first: Apryl is a morning person and Sarah is not.  Sarah loves to stay up late and Apryl basically turns into a pumpkin at 10pm.  Even though our sleeping patterns are very different, one thing we have in common is our love of coffee, and our mornings always start with that.

Apryl is the first one up at 6am. She spends some time checking her phone for any messages that were sent while she was sleeping (usually there are a lot), and then it’s time to head downstairs. The dog and cat are pretty demanding and need to be fed, then she unloads the dishwasher, makes Cooper’s lunch and then checks emails or does some work with a hot cup of coffee.  This takes her til after 7am, when her husband leaves for work.

Cooper is also an early riser, and honestly we think he is the reason why Apryl is up early because it wasn’t like this back in the day! He’s usually up at 6:30am, and he’s allowed some video game or tv time because, what’s he going to do for two and a half hours?

At 7:30am, Cooper makes himself some eggs and toast and he’s pretty excited to be able to do that. Then it’s shower time for Coop, as well as time to get dressed, make his bed and brush his teeth.

Sarah gets up between 7 and 7:30, and her first stop is the shower.  She usually wakes up to her daughters in her bed which makes for some nice family time before the chaos of getting ready for the day. After the shower, it’s time to get the kids downstairs for breakfast, where she also gets lunches made and tries to tidy up for the cleaner if it’s a day she’s coming.

While the kids are eating, she’ll go upstairs and get her hair dried, then it’s back downstairs for a coffee refill and a bit of refereeing. What siblings don’t fight?

A bit of homework refresher for Abby and getting the kids dressed, then it’s time for Sarah to finish getting ready herself.

What’s Apryl up to at this point? For about 30 minutes she’s all to herself. She’ll shower and put on makeup and do her hair in the quiet of her bathroom, listening to podcasts or the radio. The only interruption is when her coffee cup needs to be refilled. Also, this is the only time she gets alone, so it’s pretty awesome!

Getting out the door is a rush for both of us, as we run around getting the kids bags ready and our stuff, especially if we are filming on location. We are all out the door at 8:50am, ready to start the day! And we can’t forget the travel mug of coffee!

What kind of morning to you have?



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