Do you ever notice that no one talks about their periods? We changed that this week on our Facebook Live show, Comfies and Cocktails as we talked to Naturopathic Doctor Laura Pipher.

Dr. Pipher said many women experience symptoms that are not normal, however, for years we’ve just accepted them as normal. The number one culprit is plastics and other harmful toxins that are being absorbed by our bodies.

We tested out Natracare products, a line of organic feminine products that are plastic-free, organic and chlorine free, which means you can feel confident in what you’re using every month. They have liners, pads and tampons that are biodegradable too. Which means you can feel good about what you’re using on your body and what you’re throwing into the landfills.

Every year, over 45 billion feminine hygiene products are disposed of somewhere. The applicators often end up in waterways after being blown away from landfills by the wind. With Natracare, the applicators are cardboard, which are biodegradable. Also, the fibres of other tampons can stay in your body. Gross.

Here’s what blew us away: you can compost these products. Um….what?!!!

That’s right! You can throw your stuff in the green bin!

Here’s the thing, we can’t stop 50% of the population from having their periods, but we need to start thinking about the impact the products we use are having on our bodies and the environment. Using tampons is a way of life, but we don’t need to use them if they are harmful to our health and the world around us. There are options.

Dr. Laura says we need to stop feeling like we can’t talk about our cycles. We NEED to talk about it and let other women know about the products you are using. Education is a big deal in our world, and word of mouth is probably the best way to educate.

Question for you, have you been using plastics since you first got your period when you were 12? Imagine all those years of exposing your body to those harmful chemicals. Then think about your regular PMS symptoms: sore breasts, mood swings, bloating. Dr. Laura says those are not normal. And if you’re having very heavy periods with massive blood clots, that’s not normal either.

The number one culprit is plastic according her research. Plastic products you’re using during your periods and in your regular life. Bottles, containers, etc. Once you start getting those out of your home, you’ll notice a change.

Another tip from Dr. Laura, is use castor oil and a heating pad on your stomach to help your period flow more naturally. Rub in from under your breasts to your pelvic bone, apply a heating pad and watch the magic happen.

Periods shouldn’t have you down and out, and with some small changes you can definitely have a happy period.


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