How I’m fighting to stay on the wagon and finally reach my fitness and health goals

For as long as I can remember, I have been up and down with weight. I’ve been on an off the wagon with proper diet and fitness for decades. I’d say I’m a frequent rider.

Lately I’ve pushed to stay on the wagon for the long ride and finally…..finally get to my destination.

Just so we’re clear, the destination has changed over the years. It’s not a number on the scale anymore. It’s not an exact size either.

It’s a feeling. It’s a series of goals that aren’t defined by numbers.

The destination: to feel good.

I mean, I want to feel healthy and do all the things without getting out of breath. I want to feel good from the inside out. Sidebar: I didn’t know what that felt like until recently.

I feel like I can offer some advice on this since it’s finally clicked for me.

Keep Easy to Grab Food Around

Every Sunday I boil eggs, cook or buy a whole chicken and fill a huge container with veggies. I’ll also make a soup or pre-pack some salads for the week. I also make sure I have apples ready to go and some containers of nuts.

I’m on the go all the time and if the food isn’t ready to grab, I’m 100% heading to a drive-thru.

Keep these items in a lunch bag if you’re heading out the door.

eggs and soup

Plan Ahead

Again, every Sunday I write down everything I plan to eat in the week. I do this before I grocery shop, so I know I have everything I need.

If it’s planned out on a day when I’m relaxed, then I won’t be scrambling on a day I’m stressed or on the go.

Robot Mode Workouts

I have not made it easy on our trainer, Christina. I sometimes have to cancel on her because of work, or I cancel on myself. In the past, if I wasn’t feeling up to a workout, I just didn’t do it and told her lots of excuses why.

I don’t do that now. If I’m not in the mood, I just do it. I don’t think, I just put those running shoes on and start moving.

It only takes a few minutes and then I’m into it.

Find the Best Time to Workout

For some, early morning workouts are your jam. You people are my heroes. I can’t do that. Nor can I do 8pm workouts. That’s why I choose to get them in around 3pm. I take a 30 minute break from work and I get it in.

I also know I’m much better in the early part of the week. So I workout Sunday through Thursday, that way I know Fridays and Saturdays are my rest days. We ALL need those days, right?

Bonus: I just started doing this, and it’s really helped. I take a mental note of how I’m feeling in the morning and try to predict if I’m going to be more or less tired later in the day. If I don’t have to be anywhere early, I’ll get that workout in at 7:30am before the hectic day starts. And that way I know I got it done and I am not running the risk of skipping it.

Stop the Negative Self Talk

I used to (and still sometimes do) pick my body apart like, that stomach is too big, my arms are flabby, I’m too round, etc.

Now, when I catch myself thinking that, I stop and try to focus on the whole picture. How do I feel? How badass is it that I could run 4K without stopping? Remember when you were a size 14? Look at you now!!

Sometimes Christina is the one to build me up like this, but lately I’m empowering myself to be proud of how far I’ve come.

My Trick to Avoiding Bad food: Abstinence

I know that when I have a French fry, I’m going to eat a bunch of them. Or pizza. I’ll have 4 slices.

There’s no stop button for me, so I just stay away.

I also remember how I feel: my stomach hurts, I get super thirsty, I get bloated, I have bad breath and the rumbling in my tummy is a sign of bad things to come. Plus, that kind of food makes me feel sluggish, and my life needs me to be full of energy all the time.

It sounds like no fun, but honestly, it’s ok. Feeling good from the inside out is what I’m going for these days, and fast food and pizza don’t do my body right anymore.

Sometimes I slip up, but I’m sooooo much better.

Buy Some Cute Workout Pants

I have a bit of a problem in this department, but it works! I’m all about Under Armour right now and bright colours.

If you find the gear that makes you feel amazing, you’ll want to get out there and show them off.

Also, the RIGHT gear makes all the difference. A run is terrible when you’re constantly pulling your pants over your mommy tummy.

Find the Cheesiest Music

When I’m working out and I’m starting to feel like I want to quit before the time is up, I throw on my Disney Running playlist on Spotify. It the nerdiest collection of kid-friendly songs, but it does the trick because it’s positive, upbeat, catchy and makes you feel good.

My favourite: Try Everything from the Zootopia Soundtrack. Try it!

Honourable Mention: Any 80’s hits. The decade of Aerobics means lots of high intensity hits. Thank you Kenny Loggins and Madonna.

Try Everything zootopia

Don’t Feel Guilty for Making Changes

Not one person in my life has made me feel bad or encouraged me to skip a workout or eat something I didn’t want to.

No one.

In fact, everyone, including my son, has been supportive and encouraging.

I hope that’s the same way for you, and if the people in your life are cheering you on, start cheering for yourself too!

Do Something Just for Fun

I was a soccer player my whole life and quit a few years ago. It was a great workout and it was an hour of me time.

Find something you can do that will raise your heart rate once a week and have a blast doing.  If you can do this with your partner, bonus!

It will truly make your week of workouts feel less daunting.

Find Inspiration

This is through Instagram! I find people who post on their stories every time they workout. I’m pretty competitive, so this lights a fire under my butt and gets me in the mood to move.  If I see that influencer talk about how she got her workout in, I am 100% going to do it too.

Jennifer Lopez and The Rock also do this for me if you’re looking for some high-level motivation. How is she even 50?

I hope these tips help you out. I’m still working on staying on the wagon, but I’m going for a longer stretch. I’ve made these changes and am being very consistent with all of it, with a lot of help from Christina.

Here’s hoping the goals are reached, but already the biggest goals has been achieved: I feel incredible on the inside.



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