We got a sneak peek into Pie Media CEO and Publisher, Sandra Roberts’ cottage refresh a few weeks ago, and now she’s showing us around her backyard transformation.

Sandra took her waterfront property and transformed it into a place where you could hang outside year round. Her dock is one area that you will notice doesn’t look like your typical dock. Instead of having a boat tied to it, she has a gas fireplace table from Napoleon, bean bag chairs from D.O.T. and gorgeous Muskoka chairs. It’s the perfect place to watch the sunset over the lake while enjoying a glass of wine.

Something else she did that was out of the ordinary was painting her dock black! A thing she says makes it stand out. To make the area even more inviting, she put outdoor rugs on the dock.

Her carport was an area that wasn’t used much, and so she decided she wanted a space she could lounge in when the weather wasn’t cooperating. With furniture covers, candles, cushions from Wayfair and succulents all over, the carport went from being a storage space to a comfortable lounge and inviting entrance.

The inspiration for her refresh was organic modernism. Everywhere you look there are pieces of nature that are captivating and rustic. And some ideas that are very outside of the box but in a really, really good way.

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