Micheline Robichaud is fighting for her life, and the life of her unborn son.

When she was three months pregnant, she started bleeding. Alarmed, she sought the help from doctors who thought it was a urinary tract infection. When it wasn’t getting better, Micheline found the help she needed in a gynecologist who knew right away the symptoms were not good.

“She said, I’d like to perform a PAP test,” Micheline said of that day.  This would be the first PAP test she would have in her 37 years.

“It was bad enough that when she did the PAP smear she could see a visible tumor about 2.5 inches in diameter just from the naked eye.”

The doctor found she had Cervical  Cancer, and it was spreading. At the time of the interview, the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes. Micheline was faced with a difficult decision: terminate the pregnancy to save her own life, or try the fight while pregnant. She chose to fight for both of their lives. She currently has chemotherapy treatments, which are safe in her later stage of pregnancy, but the treatments leave her tired and sore.

At 33 weeks the baby, who she has named Bowen, will be delivered via C-Section at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. He will remain in the NICU while Micheline begins aggressive radiation treatments, and eventually a hysterectomy, that she hopes will save her life. While she’s ready to fight, she’s aware of the heartbreaking reality that she won’t have the time with her baby that she wants. She will be radiating two hours after her treatments and can’t be near Bowen. She can’t breast feed either due to the chemotherapy.

Despite the hardships she has endured, and is about to endure, she is remaining positive. Her husband and her 15 year old son (a boy who has special needs and takes more than 50 pills a day for his condition) are helping to keep her spirits up. They use the power of positive thinking and humour to help her.

“My son says, ‘you don’t have a face for a bald head’,” Micheline says jokingly.

The community of Barrie has helped the family by dropping off dinners, offering to help drive or even sit with her during her treatments. Strangers who have now become friends. Friends are now helping through a Go Fund Me account to assist the family with costs of her treatments and more.

To help, donate to her Go Fund Me Account .

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