This is the stuff home owner dreams are made of: self cleaning toilets!!

Here’s the thing: my main floor bathroom sees a lot of action. A LOT! I mean, it’s pretty much designated the pooping bathroom!

Watch here:

Yep, it’s a well-used bathroom. And for the most part, I’m the one cleaning it.

I try to clean the toilets a couple times a week for the reason mentioned in the video. But it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with that.

I don’t have a cleaner, and work schedules are hectic, so that adds to the difficulty. We’ve done other things to make our lives easier, like buying a robot vacuum which has really helped, but that’s only one small piece of the giant house cleaning pie.

Thankfully we were told about the Acti-Clean self-cleaning toilet from American Standard, and I’m telling you, it is the answer! Thank YOU!

Here’s how it works. There are two buttons: a quick clean and a deep clean. It adds cleaning solution to the bowl and lets it sit while the solution attacks the ….well, the stuff. After a few minutes (or ten with the deep clean), the toilet rinses, leaving everything nice and clean.

The cartridge lasts nine weeks and cost about $15. You can get them at Lowe’s.

acticlean by this kinda life

I love having the extra help in my house and the toilet has changed everything! Even my guests are in awe of it!

Not to mention, it looks good! Not technical at all, just a beautiful white toilet.

Can I get other things automated? Showers next?



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