Kim Hollema is a busy mom, and the only woman in her home! Having an escape was difficult in her home, until she built an amazing She Shed in her backyard. This has been a game changer!

She first saw the idea on an HGTV show (where honestly, the best ideas are on display), and the light bulb went off. She needed this too.

Thankfully, her husband does construction work so he was able to find some of the wood that imperfect for homes and brought it home for the framing. The interlocking brick was reused from the front of her house and made the perfect floor. Everything was re-purposed, from the furniture to the building materials and the only part that cost more was the roof.  The whole project cost $500 and took three years to build. Three years, but a lifetime of enjoyment.

She Shed by This Kinda Life

She Shed by This Kinda Life

When Kim invited to see her she shed we were not expecting to see something this gorgeous. Let’s be honest, sheds aren’t usually known for being beautiful or comfortable, but Kim is definitely changing that! The furniture is comfortable and she had scented candles lit, which added to the cozy feel of the she shed. The chiminea had larger candles burning inside. The walls had some of her favourite artwork on it.

She Shed by This Kinda Life

The Chiminea in the She Shed by This Kinda Life

What is really impressive about the she shed is how Kim uses it. She will work there, read there, visit with friends there, but there is a rule:  You have to be invited. That means the kids don’t cross the threshold.

If you think you need a She Shed (we are all thinking that, don’t worry), here are some tips from Kim:

Buy a Kit

Yep, you don’t need to build it from scratch, go buy a shed kit from your local hardware store and throw it in your backyard. That way you’ll have a shed ready by the time the wine is chilled.

Thrift it

Kim was able to get a lot of the materials from the ReStore or lumber yards that get rid of wood that can’t be used in building projects. Grab it and take advantage! Even the windows are door inserts, not windows.

She Shed by This Kinda Life

Have a Vision

Don’t sacrifice what you want. Women always put themselves last, and this is a place just for you! So, if you want a chandelier in there, go for it. There are no holds barred here.

Consider Electric

Kim is working on getting electricity out in her shed. She says it gets hot back there so it would be great to have a fan, heck why not a wine cooler? The possibilities are endless. And, as said before, DO NOT SACRIFICE! Do everything you feel you will like back there and do it. You won’t regret it.

She Shed by This Kinda Life

Have Rules

We love that Kim says her shed is by invitation only. This is the only place in her home that is truly hers and she deserves to be able to enjoy it!

Not sure about you, but we’re 100% inspired! Can’t wait to start building our own!

She Shed by This Kinda Life



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