If you’ve ever suffered from a urinary tract infection I don’t have to describe the pain…for those of you lucky enough to have avoided them, it’s like a sharp slicing pain in your nether regions. One that burns like a ring of fire after you’ve eaten tacos from a sketchy roadside stand. Unfortunately, I’ve suffered more than my fair share of bladder infections over the years (aka UTI’s).

So when SZIO+ reached out to us to try their Urinary Tract Health Supplements and Test Strips I was pretty excited. Despite now being proactive in my urinary tract health, I often feel a slight irritation or burning and start to panic! I don’t know if I’m getting a UTI or its something else more minor. Given my past, it stresses me out a lot, and as mom I don’t have the luxury of running to the walk-in clinic whenever I feel symptoms coming on.

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It first became a problem in my early twenties. Maybe it was lack of knowledge, lack of caring or the fact that I was too busy thinking about boys, school and partying, but I got infection after infection, and was prescribed antibiotic after antibiotic. After a few years of this cycle, I ended up becoming resistant to a bunch of different meds, which isn’t great.

I’m not sure why, but urinary tract health wasn’t something that was talked about back then.  Despite suffering from recurring UTIs, I knew little about the preventative measures, like going to the washroom after sex, drinking a lot of water, and wearing cotton panties.

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When I say I suffered with these …I mean it. I spent countless overnight hours in agony just waiting for a walk-in clinic to open so that I could get a prescription for meds. It finally culminated with a kidney infection in one of the most frightening nights of my life. I ended up in the Emergency Room after waking up in the middle of the night shaking violently. I was given antibiotics and sent home, but started throwing up and had to go back to the hospital for IV meds. After a long day in the hospital I was sent home to rest and recover.

The most frightening part was how weak the kidney infection made me.  I slept on the couch unable to walk up the stairs and could do little more than take a few steps to the washroom. Finally after a full week I started to feel better. From then on I saw specialists and doctors to try and figure out why I was so prone to these infections. I even had a scope, which hurt like hell, to find out what was going on. And at the end of all the tests and appointments, I was told it was basically just my bad luck and that I was just someone who had to be extra careful.

Since then I’ve taken my urinary tract health seriously, but I’ve still struggled with infections. Sometimes I feel symptoms and don’t have an actual infection which is super frustrating because I only find that out after spending hours at a walk-in clinic to see a doctor, or even worse, after already starting a round of antibiotics.

The doctor said that my kidney infection was likely caused by a bladder infection that was left untreated, or one that didn’t clear from the initial round of antibiotics. And the scariest part is I had NO IDEA! Meaning it could easily happen again, which is why using the SZIO+ supplements and strips have been so great at giving me peace of mind.

I’ve noticed that since I started taking the supplements there’s been a drop in irritation and symptoms. I just added them to my supplements and for the past few weeks have been taking them daily. The test strips are a godsend. They let me know if I do need to go to the doctor or if its something more than slight irritation. I can’t tell you how much of a relief this is!

For more information on UTIs on and on the SZIO+ supplements and test strips check out their page https://szioplus.com/  .



***While SZIO sponsored this post, the details are from true personal experience.

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