Technology is such an important thing in our lives. It helps us be more productive, it entertains us and it keeps us organized. Jordan Mollison, Sales Representative with the Peggy Hill Team, showed us a home that is probably smarter than you are!

First thing is, the home is almost completely hands free. The locks are automatic and unlock when the smoke alarms go off. This is done through the Nest. For the owner of the home, he has tenants in the basement and they share the laundry room. When the renters enter the laundry room, the door that opens to the owner’s home locks.

Plus, and we think this is so important, you can lock and unlock your home from an app…..on a beach in the Bahamas if that’s where you are!

The lights are all automated too. When you walk in a room, the lights go on! But there’s more. By voice command you can tell the lights to be purple, green or blue!

In the kitchen the coffee maker is set to the house WiFi, which means you can be in bed and make a cup of coffee on demand downstairs. This is great if you want it fresh!

The other features in the home that blew us away were the motion sensor garbage can, which is great when your hands are full, or dirty. The home also has irrigation that is set up through an app as well. You set the time and duration on your app, and the work is done!

Speaking of work, how about the Dyson robot vac? Yes! So many yeses!!

Of course, technology at home should be fun as well as practical. That’s why there’s a huge screen that comes down with a flick of a switch to watch movies from a projector in the living room. Again, it’s set up through an app and through voice command.

Imagine something in your home actually listening to you and following instructions? Sign us up.

The technology that is used in this home is Apple HomeKit, Mr. Coffee, and Nest. Some of the smaller tech can be purchased at Canadian Tire.

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