The holidays were so wonderful. So much good food, great wine, the chocolate everywhere, the pies! Even though we indulged to our hearts’ content and had a really great holiday with family and friends…..reality is setting in for us. Big time!

While we’re working on getting ourselves back to healthy, we offer a few tips to get through the next few weeks when your pants don’t fit.

Our Tips for Hiding the Fat:

  • Wear baggy clothes: ¬†Sarah has a fabulous vest that’s completely in style this winter, showing you can be stylish while hiding a bit. Loose shirts are totally in right now, so SCORE!!
  • Blanket Scarves: They are your best friend! For more reasons than one. They’re huge, great for hiding in, plus, if you’re always cold like us in the winter, they’re great for snuggling up in.
  • Stretchy Pants: At this point in our lives, we’re not too concerned where the yoga pants or leggings come from. If they stretch and they don’t hurt, put those suckers on!
  • Spanx: Ok, that’s a given, but be warned: they don’t always stay in place and they’re hard to put on. But they are worth it.
  • Big necklaces: Statement necklaces are all the rage, and they’re helpful too! Put one of those on and no one is looking at your mid section.
  • Big Purses: An old Hollywood trick to hide the pregnant bellies of actresses can also be applied to the next few weeks when you’re rubbing your food baby. The bigger the better!

We’re hoping the hiding will only last a couple of weeks. We’re back on track and have cleaned our houses of all the Holiday treats and focusing on healthy eating now. Thank Goodness!!

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