We love our lives and our families, but sometimes, when exhaustion creeps in, we find ourselves desperately wanting to spend one day living in our early 20’s. Oh yes, to go back in time!

Sarah says she would give herself a good stern talking to and tell her younger self to stop the complaining. Life isn’t hard! Enjoy it…and your skinny pants!

Apryl would pretty much sleep and watch TV all day long with no one to tell her she couldn’t.

While sure, there are struggles that come with being in your 20’s, like not making enough money, driving crappy cars and working hard, we say, just appreciate every moment, no matter the struggle. Because being young and childless is a time to revel in….when you only have to care for one person.  Be selfish now! That’s the advice we would give anyone between the ages of 20 and 29.

Sarah and Apryl back when they were 25 and 27



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