Looking for something to do with the kids, head to Blue Mountain! Sarah and Apryl checked out the ski school and the Village and found that skiing is fun and Apres Ski is delicious.

First, they went to check in, which was made super easy with tablets on the wall where you fill out your info and then off you go.

Ski School supervisor Josef said even though they haven’t been on skis in a long time, it should come back to them, and he was right!

Rich Mason was their ski instructor, he’s famous for wearing a cow helmet cover, but should be even more famous for his gentle encouragement on the hills. He took them up the carpet, down the bunny hill a few times and then graduated them to the bigger hills.

If it’s this easy to get two women, and one of them who is afraid of heights, to feel comfortable on the hills, it has to be even more fun for the kids!

After a great day on the hills, Sarah and Apryl went to the Bull Wheel Pub at South Base where a salad and a sandwich of dreams were made in front of our eyes. Delicious!

Blue Mountain has something for everyone, whether you’re a skiier or an apres skiier. For more on March Break activities, visit www.bluemountain.ca


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