We review National Geographic’s Weird but True Books, a great way to educate and entertain your kids!

Did you know that Canada has more donut shops per person than any other country? Or that one Canadian goose can poop about 1.3 kilograms a day?? (Gross, but totally explains why they make so much darn mess!)

Those are just a few of the fun facts & tidbits we’ve been learning about while reading the “Weird But True” series by National Geographic Kids. We’ve had a chance to go through 4 of the books and the Canadian trivia is definitely our crew’s favourite.

Our friends at Moms Meet sent us a few free samples from the series to read with our kids and to use in this post. But this is our honest opinion of the books, and that is that they’re great!

We love how easy they are to browse. Whether you have 2 minutes or 2 hours, the way the books are laid out makes it easy to jump in and read no matter how much or little time you may have. Filled with over 300 fun facts, our kids have been learning about different species, geography, nature, Canadiana and other topics, and loving it! The pages are also filled with colourful photos and different fonts to make reading fun and kids friendly. That’s a big deal for us  moms because our kids don’t usually pick up a book without a lot of prompting.

But these were honestly a total game changer! No coaxing needed to get them to grab one of the books. They loved telling us all about the random facts they’d learned and trying to stump one another.

We also like that they’re easy enough for different reading levels, but fun for all ages, so they can enjoy them on their own or with us.

Got your own weird fact about Canada, your hometown or province? Kids ages 6-14 are invited to enter the Weird But True! Canada contest by submitting their odd fact or trivia at natgeokids.com/wbtcanada until March 1st, 2019. We know our kids will be submitting their own fun facts.

The books are available at most big box retailers where books would typically be sold and are well priced at $10.99, making them a great buy for a birthday gift or even just because.

Enjoy reading time, friends!

Sarah and Apryl

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